we help Maine people improve their quality of life through medical cannabis.

Wellness Connection’s four Maine licensed medical cannabis (marijuana) dispensaries provide qualified patients with the highest quality locally-grown cannabis products. We support our patients’ full spectrum of wellness, offering expert guidance, educational resources, and personalized support.

Who we Serve

Our primary focus is on patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions.

We also serve the Maine wellness community as a whole, as a resource for cannabis-related health information and news. Check out our blog for the latest cannabis and wellness-related articles, and browse our FAQs to get the facts on Maine marijuana legalization.

Visit Us

We operate four licensed dispensaries, each serving a different region of the state. If you’re new to Wellness Connection, we recommend reading the “how to join” information below. We also ask that everyone please call ahead to ensure availability. Our phone number is 1-855-848-6740.



How to Join

We’d love to have you as a member!

To get started, you’ll want to review our new member information including:

  • Conditions we can help with
  • When to ask your doctor about cannabis treatment
  • What to bring with you on your first visit
  • Special conditions for out of state members

How to Pay

We accept cash as well as CanPay — the new, safe way to pay electronically (via debit account) for cannabis purchases.

Science + Guidance

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