5 Best Summer Strains

5 Best Summer Strains

Jessica Harrison

Wellness Connection of Maine

Product Manager

Summer is officially here, and we Mainer’s can trade in our Bean boots for flip-flops and enjoy the outdoors!  Getting active for many mmj patients can be challenging, but the right medicine can help you make the most of a beautiful Maine summer.

Sativa dominant strains will elevate mood and inspire creativity.  These strains contain an optimal level of the terpene Myrcene to produce energizing effects, and high levels of Limonene – a powerful antioxidant that will increase the body’s natural sun protection.  Consider incorporating these strains into your regimen, and don’t miss a day of fun in the sun!


– This classic 95% sativa with THC levels ranging from 16-20%.  Developed by crossing Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze, this strain packs a fruity punch of flavor and a seriously productive energy boost.  With high levels of the anti-inflammatory terpene b-Caryophyllene, this is an excellent choice to combat humidity induced symptoms.

Lemon Skunk

– A hybrid bursting with citrus flavors of lemon and mango, this Skunk cross will leave you feeling happy, uplifted and ready for adventure.  The high levels of Limonene make it a perfect compliment to your topical sunscreen routine, and at 15-19% THC provides optimal mind-body balance.


– An increasingly popular medical strain, this California Orange and Skunk cross will produce clear-headed and energizing effects.  A robust and flavorful terpene profile with high levels of Humulene – anti-inflammatory and appetite suppressant – make this a great post-workout option.  But be aware, at 18-22% THC this may not be a great option for new patients.

Strawberry Cough

– Well known as a cure for social anxiety, this strain is sure to get you out and about this summer.  Crossing Strawberry Fields and Haze results in a flavorful and energetic experience, and at 16-20% THC it is potent but not overwhelming in effect.  And despite the name, contains a-Pinene, a bronchodilator which can aid in the alleviation of asthma.

Blue Dream

– Legendary in popularity, this hybrid crosses a Blueberry cut with Haze to produce the relaxing effects of an indica with the clear mind and energy boost of a sativa.  High in a-Pinene, it is a perfect choice for athletes, and at 18-22% THC delivers potent pain relief.