6 Tips About Medical Cannabis Dose and Frequency

If you’re a new medical cannabis patient, you likely have questions about which strain and product will provide the most relief for your symptom or condition. You may know that what works for your friend or family member may or may not work for you, and also that many medical practitioners not properly trained in the therapy don’t specify strain or dosage. The good news is that cannabis is a botanical medicine with no known lethal dose and there are many resources to help you figure out which product and dosage is right for you. Certainly, you should talk with Wellness Connection’s trained dispensary staff. In addition, it’s smart to read up on the current research. Here are 6 Tips About Medical Cannabis Dose and Frequency to get you started.

6 Tips About Medical Cannabis Dose and Frequency

1. Are You a New or Experienced Cannabis User?


The first issue to consider when determining your ideal medical cannabis product and dosage is whether or not you are an experienced cannabis user. Existing medical cannabis patients as well as patients who use or used cannabis recreationally will likely have a higher tolerance and could need a higher dose than patients who have never experienced cannabis. In either case, if you are trying a medical cannabis product that is new to you, our best advice is to start low and go slow.

2. Potency Matters


The potency of different strains and concentrated products varies widely. Before you choose and take a medicine, make sure you understand the size and potency of an average dose. If you’re a first-time user, it’s best to start with one quarter to one half of the suggested dose and wait 2-3 hours before re-dosing. See how you feel and adjust your next dose accordingly. If you did not feel the medicine’s beneficial effects, slowly increase dosage until you feel relief.

3. Should CBD Play a Role in Treatment Plan?


The website Medical Jane reports that many patients feel better when CBD is taken along with THC. They suggest that patients new to cannabis consider a balanced THC:CBD product. The website also recommends whole plant products that include terpenes, which increase the medicine’s efficacy.


6 Tips About Medical Cannabis Dose and Frequency

4. Choose Products with Clear Labeling


No matter the symptom or condition you seek to treat, know what’s in your medicine. Choose clearly labeled products that list the cannabinoid content, especially the amount of THC and CBD in each dose. Make sure the product has been tested and is free of mold and mildew, pesticides, bacteria, toxic solvents and other contaminants. Try to avoid products with artificial additives and preservatives.


5. Start Slow; Keep a Medication Log


We can’t say it enough: If you are a new patient or an experienced cannabis user trying a new medicine, start slowly. Take one low dose or a few small doses over the course of a day. See how you feel and adjust accordingly. Consider recording each dose—amount of medicine, time of day, and way you felt immediately after each dose as well as 1-2 hours after the dose—in a medication log. Use this information to determine which products and dosage provide you with the most relief.

6 Tips About Medical Cannabis Dose and Frequency

6. Medical Cannabis Dosing Advice from the Mayo Clinic


Finally, the Mayo Clinic refers to scientific research, current use and expert opinion and offers information to adults 18 years about dosing THC and CBD for specific conditions. The clinic’s marijuana page includes information about treating diseases such amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), glaucoma, epilepsy, alleviating pain and increasing appetite in cancer patients. If you have a serious medical condition, it’s worth taking the time to review the information they have gathered.


Question or Concern?

Everyone at Wellness Connection is here for you. Ask your question below, or come in to one of our dispensaries and talk with a trained staff member. It’s our mission to help you find the best medicine for YOU.

6 Tips About Medical Cannabis Dose and Frequency

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