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A Big Week For…

A big week for marijuana in New England

By Becky DeKeuster

From a signature-fueled fight over signatures, to a legislative committee seeking to resolve a an issue that science has yet to settle, to an assistant attorney general wasting taxpayer monies in an epically shameful battle against the seriously ill, it’s been an interesting several days for medical and adult-use cannabis advocates in Maine and New England.

We’ll start with the stunning news that the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol (CRMLA) did not submit enough valid signatures to qualify their adult-use legalization initiative for the November ballot.

The campaign indicated that it will appeal the decision, and it has 10 days to do so. Their appeal hinges on the signature, not of a petitioner, but of a notary public, whose John/Jane Hancock apparently did not match the one on file with the state.

If CRMLA’s appeal succeeds, they gain 17,000+ signatures back and the issue will appear on the ballot. If the appeal does not succeed, advocates have some significant choices to make.

A new initiative drive could put the issue on the ballot in one of the off-years between now and 2020. 2018 would be the best bet, as it will be a gubernatorial election year. And given the current status of political theatre in Maine, we can expect solid turnout for that voting cycle.

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