Wellness Connection of Maine Values

Wellness Connection of Maine

The values that drive Wellness Connection of Maine are:


We believe that wellness is holistic, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of every living being. Wellness is inherent in all humans, and that it can be improved at any age, and at any stage of disease.


Our staff and clients form a community engaged in the pursuit of full-spectrum wellness. We believe that we are part of a larger community of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. In turn, we belong to a much larger community extending beyond personal or geographical boundaries. We believe that our actions should be to the benefit of the most generous definition of community possible.


Understanding that the human condition is imperfect, we believe that individuals should treat one another with the utmost compassion at all times. Treating every person with compassion is one of the highest forms of respect and recognition for our shared humanity.


We believe that education is a continual process which is vital to improving our understanding of this medicine. Sharing what we learn with others, and receiving the knowledge that they share with us, is a valuable way to bring our communities closer together.


We believe that excellence is a moving, not a fixed, goal. We challenge ourselves in all aspects of our work to continually evaluate and improve our processes and product.

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