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A Vote to Debate

By Becky DeKeuster

The midterm elections were of particular interest to those who follow cannabis policy. Today, we hear from three experts with varying perspectives on how marijuana fared in Maine and across the nation, and what the elections mean for the future of this changing industry.

David Boyer is the Maine Policy Director of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). MPP supported efforts to legalize cannabis use for adults in Portland, South Portland, York and Lewiston, and plans to bring a legalization referendum to a state-wide vote in 2016.

Following the passage of one initiative to make marijuana legal in South Portland and the defeat of another in Lewiston, some observers have drawn the conclusion that there is a split in public opinion among Maine voters. While that could be the case — there’s a relatively even split among voters nationwide — the more important takeaway from this year’s election is the shift we’re seeing in public opinion.

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