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Complex issues deserve…

We do this because, as it turns out, 80-plus years of stigma, labels, and stereotypes about cannabis can’t be undone overnight.

It’s frustrating enough when ill-chosen words or outright falsehoods are used by the uninformed, or by people who disapprove of cannabis for any use. But it’s even more frustrating when negative rhetoric comes from a respected legislator who has long been a proponent of Maine’s medical cannabis program.

And when those words serve to perpetuate a divide between medical cannabis dispensaries and medical cannabis caregivers—two pieces of the medical cannabis program that have been trying to build bridges across a historical divide—it’s downright disheartening.

On Wednesday, during a work session on a medical cannabis bill provision which would allow dispensaries more flexibility in growing and professionalizing their businesses, State Representative Deb Sanderson said, “I am very uncomfortable in allowing — in the most simplistic terms here — something that allows for the growth of Walmarts and puts limitations on the mom and pops.” (It’s worth noting that the proposal in question placed no limitations on caregivers; it did not in any way address their operations.)

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