How To Grow Your Own Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Part II

Cultivation Part II

How to Grow Your Own Cannabis (Marijuana) Part II

Interested in learning how to grow your own medical cannabis (marijuana) at home? Watch Cultivation Part II to learn from WCM’s Director of Production Operations and Cultivation Manager who will offer you expert guidance and special tips to ensure a healthy and happy harvest. This course is recommended for novices who are interested in growing their own medicine.

How to Grow Your Own Cannabis (Marijuana) Part II Text

  1. Delivery Methods and Dosing: Making the most of your medicine. How to Grow Your Own Cannabis (Marijuana) Host: Becky DeKeuster, M.Ed, Director of Education Medical Cannabis: Cultivation 102 An introduction for beginning gardeners Special Guests: Shawn Hebert, Director of Production Operations Ian Andrews, Cultivation Manager Producer: Ben Gelassen, Marketing Associate
  2. Maine’s Law B. Cultivate, or designate a primary caregiver to cultivate under paragraph F, up to a total of 6 mature marijuana plants for that qualifying patient. In addition to the 6 mature marijuana plants, the patient who is cultivating the patient’s own marijuana may have harvested marijuana in varying stages of processing in order to ensure the patient is able to maintain supply and meet personal needs. Two or more qualifying patients who are members of the same household and cultivating their own marijuana may share one enclosed, locked facility for cultivation; [2011, c. 407, Pt. B, §16 (AMD).] 1. Qualifying patient. Except as provided in section 2426, a qualifying patient may: Possess up to 2 1/2 ounces of prepared marijuana and an incidental amount of marijuana as provided in subsection 5; [2009, c. 631, §21 (NEW); 2009, c. 631, §51 (AFF).] A.
  3. Quick Review: Timeline Germinate seeds or take clones (1 – 7 days) Plant & nurture seedlings (14 days) Vegetative stage (2 weeks to 2+ mo.) Flowering stage (6 to 16 weeks) Harvest & drying (3-10 days) Curing (2 to 6 weeks)
  4. Quick Review: Birth through Seedling
  5. Quick Review: Basic Needs Indoor Outdoor Genetics √ √ Growing medium √ – Nutrients √ – Light/heat √ – Ventilation √ – Pots with good drainage √ – PH tester and PPM tester √ – Jeweler’s loupe or handheld microscope √ √
  6. Moving from Seedling to Veg Selecting strong candidate plants Light cycle Humidity Temperature
  7. Veg Plants: Before You Transplant
  8. Sexing Your Veg Plants Cannabis is a dioecious species, meaning there are both male and female plants. Source: Female pre-flower Male pre-flower
  9. From Veg to Flowering
  10. Flowering Stage
  11. When Should I Harvest?
  12. Harvest, Trimming, Drying & Curing
  13. Harvest & Drying
  14. Final Trim, Curing, Storage
  15. Common Pests Spider mites White flies GNATS! Thrips
  16. Other Common Problems
  17. Delivery Methods and Dosing: Making the most of your medicine Thank you for your time and attention! What are your remaining questions & concerns?

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How to Grow Your Own Cannabis (Marijuana) Part II