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By Becky DeKeuster


In July, Colorado’s Board of Health voted 6-2 against adding post-traumatic stress to that state’s list of qualifying conditions for medicinal cannabis. They cited a lack of scientific evidence that cannabis is efficacious and safe for treating this condition.

Similar reasoning led Maine’s health review panel to reject adding to our own qualifying conditions list both Tourettes syndrome in 2013 and OCD in 2014. “(T)he evidence does not sufficiently demonstrate that medical marijuana would be beneficial or effective” for OCD, the latter ruling stated.

A patient who experiences symptom relief within minutes of trying cannabis may rightly be angry and frustrated when told there is not enough “evidence” to justify certifying them as patients. What do you mean, not enough evidence? Look at me – pharmaceuticals haven’t been able to help my condition for years, and this plant works! I am the evidence!

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