Grow Your Own Medical Cannabis: Cultivation 101 Part I

How to Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own Cannabis Part I – For Beginners

Growing your own medicine is a rewarding and empowering experience, and fully legal for qualifying patients in Maine. Watch this webinar for tips and pointers to ensure a legally compliant, healthy and happy crop. (This is an entry-level class, though all are welcome.)

Grow Your Own Cannabis Part I Text

  1. Delivery Methods and Dosing: Making the most of your medicine Grow Your Own Presented by Becky DeKeuster, M.Ed, WCM Director of Education Medical Cannabis: Cultivation 101 An introduction for beginning gardeners
  2. Maine’s Law A. Possess up to 2 1/2 ounces of prepared marijuana and an incidental amount of marijuana as provided in subsection 5; [2009, c. 631, §21 (NEW); 2009, c. 631, §51 (AFF).] B. Cultivate, or designate a primary caregiver to cultivate under paragraph F, up to a total of 6 mature marijuana plants for that qualifying patient. The total number of mature marijuana plants per qualifying patient, whether cultivated by the patient or by a primary caregiver, may not exceed 6. In addition to the 6 mature marijuana plants, the patient who is cultivating the patient’s own marijuana may have harvested marijuana in varying stages of processing in order to ensure the patient is able to maintain supply and meet personal needs. Two or more qualifying patients who are members of the same household and cultivating their own marijuana may share one enclosed, locked facility for cultivation; [2011, c. 407, Pt. B, §16 (AMD).] 1. Qualifying patient. Except as provided in section 2426, a qualifying patient may:
  3. Indoor or Out? Land Pets Odor Privacy Time Questions Before You Begin
  4. Basic needs Indoor Outdoor √ Genetics √ √ Growing medium – √ Nutrients – √ Light/heat – √ Ventilation – √ Pots with good drainage – √ PH tester and PPM tester – √ Jeweler’s loupe or handheld microscope √
  5. How much do you want to spend? Indoor Outdoor $10-15 per plant Genetics $10-15 per plant $75 (basic) $300 (advanced) Equipment (incl. security) $50 (basic) $200+ (advanced) $200+ Nutrients (incl. light/energy) Free $300 and up TOTAL $60 and up
  6. What is your living situation?
  7. Where will you source genetics?
  8. How much time do you have? Germinate seeds (1 – 7 days) Plant & nurture seedlings (14 days) Vegetative stage (2 weeks to 2+ mo.) Flowering stage (6 to 16 weeks) Harvest & drying (3-10 days) Curing (2 to 6 weeks)
  9. Getting started from seed Seeds Have Needs! Warmth Moisture Peace Gentleness
  10. Getting started with clones Clones Have Needs! Warmth Humidity Airflow Gentleness
  11. Resources Contact David Boyer: FREE DOWNLOAD marijuana-grow-bible
  12. Delivery Methods and Dosing: Making the most of your medicine Thank you for your time and attention! What are your remaining questions & concerns?

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Grow Your Own Cannabis Part I