How to Cook with Cannabis -with Becky Dekeuster, Wellness Connection of Maine

How to Cook with Cannabis


How to Cook with Cannabis

The use of cannabis, aka marijuana, for cancer and other medicinal uses and benefits has been growing rapidly and many cancer patients find it provides them with significant relief from such symptoms as pain, nausea, loss of appetite, and irregular and insufficient sleep.

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, the Cancer Community Center will welcome Becky DeKeuster from the Wellness Connection of Maine to present How to Cook with Cannabis. If you already include medical cannabis in your regimen or are curious about it, come learn from an expert on how to incorporate it into your diet with proper dosing and how to target specific symptoms.

Incorporating medical marijuana into your diet with a wide range of recipe options, whether on a regular or occasional basis, can be the preferred way to obtain its benefits, versus smoking the dried flowers of the plant, or using a vaporizer (which allows you to inhale only the therapeutic cannabinoids and avoid the smoke and its taste and smell; another method is to use the tincture or oils, for example in teas).

Becky will be cooking in our kitchen not with real cannabis, but with the closely related hops flowers, like those used in brewing beer. Nonetheless, she’ll show us how to prepare a full meal with cannabis, even how to do a full Thanksgiving meal with cannabis! (Turkey Pot Pie, anyone?)

Becky DeKeuster is co-founder of the Wellness Connection of Maine and has wealth of knowledge to share with us. She’ll be glad to answer questions about the medical uses of cannabis and how to obtain it, as well as on current regulations (which by Nov. 9 may be changing). The Wellness Connection of Maine was established in 2011 and operates four of Maine’s state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Bath, Brewer, Gardiner and Portland. Their mission “… is to provide qualified patients with the highest quality Maine-grown medical cannabis (marijuana) at a reasonable cost to them, to support members’ full-spectrum wellness, and to foster education about medical cannabis throughout the state.”

For a sneak preview of the kinds of recipes you might learn about at this workshop, check out this video recipe for kale soup.

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Cooking With Cannabis At The Cancer Community Center