July 2016 Webinar

This Month’s Webinar: Cannabis for Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is an approach to addiction treatment that offers an alternative to abstinence-based programs. Harm reduction operates on the idea that lives can be improved and perhaps saved by substituting a less-harmful substance for one that is more dangerous to the substance user and those around them.

With no lethal dose, and a variety of pain-relieving and possibly euphoric properties, cannabis can be a valuable harm reduction tool for those struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies. Learn more about the history, benefits and drawbacks of a harm reduction approach to addiction that views cannabis as a gateway to improved quality of life.


July 25th | Online | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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Presenter: Becky DeKeuster M. Ed.

In case you missed our last webinar on “Medical Cannabis and Dementia,” you can view it by visiting the News & Events tab on our website or click HERE.