Maine Yoga Festival

Maine Yoga Festival

Jenny’s Story:

My diagnosis are PTSD and Fibromyalgia.  They are not who I am and I consider them teachers.  I live with significant pain and anxiety.  

Cannabis helps me slow my racing thoughts and look at them more objectively and clearly.  It eases and allows me to live with pain.  It gives me a chance to participate, even through suffering. 

Yoga allows me to slow down through deep aware breathing.  Yoga allows me to feel good in and about my body.  Those hips that barely let me walk?  They feel so good in butterfly pose!

The school of yoga that has helped me most is Restorative yoga.  Using lots of blankets and pillows, each pose is fully supported so you just get to be there, relaxing.  Poses are held for 5-15 minutes in order to allow fascia to release.  Noticing how I am actually feeling and what my body is telling me have been a godsend.  Cannabis enables me to slow down enough to listen. In these long poses, my anxiety can really rev, but when I combine cannabis and yoga, especially Restorative yoga, I can refocus myself to just relax and notice.

Yoga has allowed me to discover compassion for myself and enable me to have more compassion for others.   Cannabis helps symptoms currently beyond my control become more manageable. These two ancient modes of healing, in the right circumstances, can save a life.  I am living, breathing proof!  Namaste.