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Making Marijuana Boring

By Becky DeKeuster

Recently, during a visit to our Portland dispensary, a local elected took a long look around our lounge—comfy chairs, members chatting companionably, upbeat jazz playing—and offered one of the best backhanded compliments I’ve ever heard.

“I have to say,” they nodded. “You’ve done a really good job of making marijuana boring.”


An important tactic of cannabis prohibitionists over the last century-plus has been to attach negative stereotypes to those who cultivate, provide, or use the plant. They’re slackers, they’re stupid, they’re stoners—essentially, they’re “THEY” not “Us.” Who else but demons would use or purvey the “Devil’s lettuce”?

Turns out, the answer to that question is: Small business owners. Big business owners. Educators. Politicians, journalists, musicians, lawyers and loggers. Grandmas and grandpas and moms and dads. Your friendly neighbors. Millions of them.

In medical and legal cannabis states across the nation, responsible dispensary operators have demonstrated that reasonably regulated dispensaries can integrate into communities with no increase in crime, and no disruption to neighbors beyond the parking issues that any new restaurant may bring.

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