Mary’s Nutritionals–CBD Only Products

Transdermal Patches

• All natural CBD grown organically

• Accurately dosed and cleanly delivered

• 10 transdermal milligrams is equivalent to approximately 100mg of an edible dispensed slowly and evenly over an 8-12 hour period – day or night

• Higher absorption rate as the cannabinoids bypass stomach acid breakdown

• Transdermal delivery allows cannabinoids to permeate for a quick onset

Transdermal Gel Pens

• All natural CBD grown organically

• Accurately dosed at 2mg per pump with 50 doses per gel pen

• Patented gel pen technology

• Provides rapid relief in as fast as five minutes

• Optimal for microdosing, creating exact cannabinoid ratios and easy titration

Remedy Oil

• Made with all natural, organic CBD

• Packed with 500mg of activated CBD oil in every bottle

• Millennia-old recipe with sweet almond oil, cinnamon bark oil and myrrh

• Accurately-dosed dropper delivers one of the highest concentrated doses of CBD on the market

• Apply sublingually for best results

Muscle Freeze

• All natural CBD grown organically

• 2017 Winner of Best Infused Product by National Cannabis Industry Association

• 2016 Winner of Best Infused Product in Medical Advancements by The Cannabist

• Combines all natural plant extract with CBD for cooling and soothing effects

• Easy to use pump bottles

Transdermal Compound

• All natural CBD grown organically

• Designed for fast-acting localized relief

• Activated with proprietary carrier agents for transdermal delivery

• Non-greasy formulation with Cool Citrus Basil scent

• Offers relief for a wide variety of reported ailments from skin lesions to arthritis to Crohn’s disease