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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Aren’t to Be Feared, Instead Coveted Commercial Tenants

By Patricia Rosi

As the CEO of the county’s largest medical marijuana company east of the Rocky Mountains, I’ve heard it all from potential landlords when inquiring about rental space — you won’t pay your rent on time, your business isn’t legal, you’ll increase the crime rate in the neighborhood, you’ll attract the wrong type of clientele to Main Street. In my time at the Wellness Connection of Maine, I can prove all of those statements false. It used to frustrate me, but now if I hear any of the above-mentioned statements, I see it as an opportunity to begin a conversation. After five years in this industry, I believe most people have opinions about the medical cannabis industry based on misconceptions versus reality.

So here are the facts.

Legal marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the county and is to surpass the value of the organic food market of $33 billion.[1] Further, a CBS poll conducted in 2014 revealed that 76-percent doctors in North America approve of it for treatment. These facts are all important because it defines a moment in U.S. history — marijuana is here to stay. And we believe, its time to get to know us.

The Wellness Connection of Maine has four retail locations in Maine — Brewer, Thomaston, Gardiner and Portland. We have administrative offices housed in Westbrook, a building we purchased in 2015. And our cultivation facility is in Auburn, where we just broke ground on expansion plans. In 2014, we renovated a historic train station in Gardiner for the relocation of our Hallowell facility — a 125-year old train station that sat vacant for ten years before us. In Portland, we are quietly located behind one of the state’s busiest restaurants, Local 188. You might not have even known that. There are four other legal medical marijuana dispensaries in Maine, spanning from Aroostook to York County. The dispensaries are stringently regulated with frequent inspections by the Department of Health and Human Services, we pay millions of dollars in taxes and most importantly, we collectively serve over 25,000 Mainers seeking relief from debilitating pain and suffering. We are proud of what we do.

But don’t take our word for it.

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