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Limited Edition

Killer Kush (80i/20s) 12-16% THC

Sweet citrus aroma and flavor profile, relaxing and sedative in effect.

Suggested indications: Stress, Pain, Insomnia.

Sour Diesel (10i/90s) 19-25% THC

Pungent citrus aroma and flavor; delivers potent, long-lasting symptom relief.

Suggested indications: Digestive Disorders, Pain, Stress

Strawberry Cough (20i/80s) 16-20% THC 

Robust aroma and sweet berry flavors provide mood lifting, energetic experience.

Suggested indications: Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue

Liberty Haze (50i/50s) 21-25% THC

Uplifting cerebral effects, with an earthy aroma and lime citrus notes.

Suggested indications: Depression, Anxiety, Pain

Tangie (30i/70s) 18-22% THC

Sweet orange flavor, providing creative and uplifting effects.

Suggested indications: Fatigue, Anxiety, Lack of Appetite

Classic Flowers

Flower (Strain) Medicine: M.O.B. or “Mother of Berries” (90i/10s) 12-16% THCM.O.B. or “Mother of Berries” (90i/10s) 12-16% THC

A Maine native strain with aromatic notes of mixed berries, and a rich fruity flavor.

Suggested indications: Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Stress

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Blue Dream (20i/80s)Blue Dream (20i/80s) 18-22% THC

Piney and fruity in aroma and flavor, delivering clear cerebral effects with the sedative qualities of an indica.

Suggested indications: Appetite stimulant, Pain, Inflammation

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Headband (60i/40s) 19-23% THCHeadband (60i/40s) 19-23% THC

Smooth, earthy flavor and strong aroma with mentally uplifting and relaxing effects.

Suggested indications: PTSD, Anxiety, Digestive Issues

Gorilla Glue #4 (50i/50s) 23-27% THC

Trichome rich with an earthy flavor profile, heavily sedative in effect.

Suggested indications: Pain, Anxiety, Depression

Buddha Tahoe OG (40i/60s) 21-25% THC 

Provides cerebral uplift and long lasting physical effects.

Suggested indications: Pain, Migraines, Mood Disorders

LA Chocolat (60i/40s) 25-29% THC

Soothing physical effects, with sweet, earthy aromas of chocolate and coffee.

Suggested indications: Insomnia, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms.

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Chocolope (5i/95s) 16-20% THC

Chocolope (5i/95s) 16-20% THC

Aromatic notes of melon and chocolate, providing energizing and creative effects.

Suggested Indications: Fatigue, Nausea, Inflammation

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Medibud (60i/40s)Medibud (60i/40s) 11-15% THC

Balances mind and body with an earthy aroma and light citrus flavor.

Suggested indications: Muscle Spasms, Arthritis, Neuropathy

Lemon Skunk (40i/60s) 15-19% THC

Mood lifting and relaxing in effect, with a pleasant earthy aroma and sweet flavors of lemon and mango.

Suggested indications: Anxiety, Depression, Migraines.

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Pre-filled Cones

Pre-filled Cones

For your convenience we offer our Classic Flower strains in cones whenever possible. Strain selection is subject to availability.

Small Flower

Simply put, these are the small buds, offered to you at a lower price point. Strain selection and availability is limited.

Baker’s Mix

Finely ground flower for creating your own infused remedies at home!  Available in a 1 oz. package as indica, sativa and blend varieties.

Select Flowers

Flower (Strain) Medicine: L.A. Confidential (100i) 12-16% THC

L.A. Confidential (100i) 12-16% THC 

Earthy aroma and flavor with a balance of sweet citrus, producing a relaxing, euphoric effect.

Suggested indications: Insomnia, Migraines, Arthritis.

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Skywalker Kush (80i/20s) 17-21% THCSkywalker Kush (80i/20s) 17-21% THC

“Relaxed and calm you are,” with spicy herbal aromas and flavors of pine and citrus.

Suggested indications: Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea

New Select Strain: Trainwreck (10i/90s) 18-22% THC

Creative and uplifting with relaxing body effects. Piney-citrus aroma and flavor profile.

Suggested indications: Chronic Pain, Migraines, Arthritis

Romulan (80i/20s) 19-23% THC

Pine-scented with an earthy flavor profile. Relaxing and mood lifting in effect.

Suggested indications: Chronic Pain, PTSD, Digestive Issues.

Blueberry (80i/20s) 12-16% THC 

Sweet berry flavors with relaxing, sedative effects.

Suggested indications: Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Pineapple Chunk (80i/20s) 18-22% THCPineapple Chunk (80i/20s) 18-22% THC

Sweet, fruity flavor of orange and pineapple with an aroma of cheese and pine. Delivers energizing cerebral effects with lasting pain relief.

Suggested indications: Digestive Issues, PMS, Chronic Pain

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Girl Scout Cookies (70i/30s) 18-22% THC

Girl Scout Cookies (70i/30s) 18-22% THC

Sweet, earthy flavor with creative, mood lifting effects.

Suggested indications: Depression, Chronic Pain, Inflammation

Flower (Strain) Medicine: Cone (Clear Background)

Pre-filled Cones

For your convenience, we offer our Select Flower strains in cones whenever possible.  Strain selection is subject to availability.

Small Flower

Simply put, these are the small buds, offered to you at a lower price point. Strain selection and availability is limited.

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