Medical Marijuana (MMJ) 101 Webinar

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(MMJ) Medical Marijuana 101 Webinar

(MMJ) Medical Marijuana 101 Webinar – Topics Include: Benefits of using medical marijuana, an explanation of the current law and commentary. The discussion aims to inform patients whether medical marijuana is right for them and how to legally obtain it.

Presented by Becky DeKeuster, M.Ed on June 17th, 2015 at 10am – 12pm
Co-founder, Director of Community & Education, WCM


(MMJ) Medical Marijuana 101 Webinar Text

  1. Medical Marijuana 101: An introduction to Nature’s miracle plant Presented by Becky DeKeuster, M.Ed Co-founder, Director of Community & Education, WCM
  2. Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Humans: A History
  3. Strains/Varietals Cannabis sativa Cannabis indica Hybrids Blended qualities High-CBD strains
  4. Meet this Medicinal Herb: A Closer View Trichomes (resin glands) Trichomes contain the cannabinoids and many other therapeutically active compounds.
  5. Cannabis & Humans: A Long History +/- 2500 yr old female ice mummy of the Pazyryk culture. She died of advanced breast cancer, likely compounded by a fall from a horse during a journey to a winter camp.
  6. Cannabis & Humans: In the U.S. 1910: Tincture of Cannabis indica 1928: Tincture of Cannabis Poison (!)
  7. Highlights of Recent History 1964: Dr. Raphael Mechoulam isolates, characterizes structure, synthesizes delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 1988: Allyn Howlett and William Devane, federally- funded researchers at Saint Louis University, identify the endocannabinoid system (ECS)
  8. The ECS: A System to Maintain Homeostasis Overall a “silent” system, activated to: Rest & relax Forget Protect Eat
  9. Where Cannabinoids Work
  10. to-the-forefront/#
  11. Federal and State Regulations
  12. The Marihuana Tax Act (1937) Oct. 2, 1937, Denver CO: Samuel Caldwell becomes the first person in the U.S. to be arrested and convicted for the federal crime of selling marijuana (2 cigarettes). He served 4 years at hard labor in Leavenworth and paid a $1000 fine. He died shortly after his release.
  13. The Controlled Substances Act (1970) Schedule I LSD Ecstasy Heroin Psilocybin Peyote Marijuana Schedule II Cocaine Methamphetamine Fentanyl Methadone Oxycodone Ritalin Schedule V Robitussin AC Lyrica Schedule IV Xanax, Ambien Viagra Schedule III Vicodin Tylenol w/codeine Ketamine Anabolic steroids
  14. “No Scientific Support” Marijuana: 21,400 Cannabis: 13,764 Dronabinol: 5,806 Marijuana & cancer: 650 Hydrocodone: 735 Vicodin: 67 Ritalin: 7,393 Lisinopril: 2,568
  15. Federal & State Oversight
  16. August 2013 DOJ Guidance to States Distribution to minors Diversion to criminal enterprise Diversion to non-mmj states Cover for other drug trafficking Gun and other violence Drugged driving Other negative public health impacts Growing/possessing on federal lands
  17. Maine’s Medical Use of Marijuana Program
  18. Qualifying Conditions in Maine Cancer Glaucoma HIV+/AIDS Hepatitis C ALS Crohn’s disease Agitation of Alzheimer’s Nail-patella syndrome Intractable pain Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 10-144 CMR (Code of Maine Rules), Chapter 122, Section 3.1.1 Elvy Musikka. Photo: Paul Wellman Veteran Sean Azzariti. Photo: Ed Endicott
  19. Qualifying Conditions in Maine 3.1.3 Symptoms. A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following symptoms: 10-144 CMR (Code of Maine Rules), Chapter 122, Section 3.1.1 • Cachexia or wasting syndrome • Severe nausea • Seizures including but not limited to those characteristic of epilepsy • Severe and persistent muscle spasms including but not limited to those characteristic of multiple sclerosis Israeli nursing home patient Pahiya Tacho shows the cannabis capsules she takes for chronic pain. Source:
  20. MMUMP: Sourcing Options With a doctor’s certification, qualifying patients may: 1. Grow their own medicine 2. Designate a caregiver to provide their meds 3. Designate a dispensary to provide their meds
  21. Sourcing Options: Unregulated Patients may grow up to six plants at home Patients may designate a caregiver to grow up to 6 plants for them No regulatory enforcement or inspections Caregivers may serve up to five patients Collectives/co-ops are not allowed in Maine Prices, quality, product safety, reliability may vary; home growing is not feasible for many patients.
  22. Sourcing Options: Regulated Eight state-licensed & regularly inspected dispensaries Secure facilities Variety of strains, delivery devices, classes & events Required to educate members Inventory tracking from seed to sale No purchase limits or incentives Not accessible in some regions; may be slightly higher priced
  23. MMUMP: Possession Limits With a doctor’s certification, qualifying Maine patients may possess up to 6 harvestable plants, and 2.5 ounces of prepared cannabis every 15 days. 1 ounce = 28.4 grams 1 gram = about 2 “joints”
  24. Risks, Methods of Ingestion, Titration
  25. Using Cannabis: Methods & Duration Onset: 0-10 minutes; Duration: 1-4 hours Benefits: Vaporizing; easy to self-titrate; immediate relief. Concerns: Odor; throat/lung irritation (smoking); short duration. Onset: 20-120 minutes; Duration: 4-10 hours Benefits: Discreet; variety of forms/flavors; long- lasting relief. Concerns: Determining appropriate dosage; easy to overdo. Onset: 10-45 minutes; Duration: 2-6 hours Benefits: Non-psychoactive; discreet. Concerns: Placebo effect.
  26. Commonly Reported Side Effects Heart palpitations Low blood pressure Anxiety/panic/paranoia Hallucinations Motor coordination problems Short term memory loss Red eyes Dry mouth Remember, while unpleasant, too much cannabis alone is not fatal. Time, water, food, and a relaxing environment all help.
  27. Special Considerations More research needed (un-scheduling) Alcohol Adolescents Personal or family history of mental disorder, esp. schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder Possible negative interactions with barbiturates, antidepressants, SSRIs
  28. Remember… Different strains + various delivery methods + individual physical differences + unique set & setting a truly personal relationship with this medicine Always, start slow and start small!
  29. Medical Cannabis and the Law
  30. What protections does my certification offer me in terms of: … housing? … child care? … driving? … my VA benefits? … my rights as a gun owner? … existing or potential employment?
  31. For More Information… Emerging Clinical Application for Cannabis & Cannabinoids Condition-Specific Booklets asa_condition_based_booklets
  32. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and attention!

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Medical Marijuana (MMJ) 101 Webinar