Survey Opportunity

Survey Opportunity

Survey opportunity for veterans with PTSD. (PLEASE SHARE WIDELY)

Wellness Connection of Maine is committed to advancing reliable, scientific data regarding the efficacy of cannabis for a variety of conditions. We have been selected to be one of four presenters during the annual Nursing Summit of Maine’s nursing leaders, in April this year. The theme of the Summit is “From the War Zone to the Home Front: Maine Nurses Support the Mental Health of Veterans and Families.”

Our presentation will focus on the use of medical cannabis by military veterans with PTSD. WCM will engage in a two-phase process to gather data:

Step One: A confidential online survey, which takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete

Step Two: An optional focus group to be held in mid-March

We know that many of our members are veterans who use cannabis for this condition, and we hope that you will help us educate Nursing Summit attendees by participating in the survey, and possibly the focus group.

Participation in the survey and focus group is entirely voluntary. Survey participants will not be required to identify themselves by name or geographic location. If you complete the survey there is no requirement to attend the focus group. If you choose to complete the survey, the final page will ask whether you wish to be part of the focus group. If you do, you will be asked to enter some very limited identifying and contact information (first name and last initial only).

Participants will not receive compensation or incentives from WCM. Choosing not to participate will not in any way impact the services and medicine you receive from WCM.

You do NOT need to be a WCM member to take part–the only requirement is that participants be military veterans, diagnosed by a physician with PTSD. If you know someone who qualifies to take the survey, please share this link with them.

We appreciate the service of all military veterans, and the support of our WCM member community to gather data that will help Maine’s nurses better understand the needs of our veterans. Thank you, and be well,

Your WCM Team