Wellness Connection of Maine Testimonial – David

“I’ve been HIV positive since 1984, and I’ve been in recovery for fourteen years from alcohol. I was ninety pounds I had shingles, I had neuropathy, they went into my heart. At that stage of my life I just didn’t want to really live. Sometimes I almost felt suicidal. I was in hospice for three years. During this past couple years I had a lot of anxiety because a friend of mine, my partner died. Instead of taking Lorazepam or Trazodone to make me sleep. I would rather go to Wellness Connection and get my medicine and that works for me. It was a great comfort. It was a great comfort to be able to stop every day just just knowing that they were there to talk to me. I like going to a place that was safe for me and it was very easy for me just to come and pick up my medicine and see my friends there because I love the staff. Right now I do need medical marijuana because of the anxiety and the depression. I know that I have to go on because that’s what he would want for me. Don’t listen to a lot of old myths about marijuana. It’s more than medicine. Much more than medicine. It’s like we’re family there. My name is David I’m fifty nine years old and I am so happy and proud to be a member of the Wellness Connection.”