Wellness Connection of Maine Testimonial – Garret

I don’t think that I could even describe the way that our life was previously It’s actually a little overwhelming. Whenever I would try to go to sleep at night I would hear yelling cuss and screaming in my head. And I watched my husband every day for years struggle. I would wake up with fear every morning. I watched a man that couldn’t function. I would dread making it until three o’clock in the afternoon like I don’t know how going to make it through today. I watched a very different man. Every medication I tried, anti-depressants and Benzodiazepines they didn’t help manage that anxiety. They just dulled me. They took away my personality. Since he started at the Wellness Connection and has been using medical marijuana he takes no prescriptions. Now I don’t even think about it. It seems like a, it seems like a different life. Wake up and I think about what an awesome day it’s going to be. I think about things I am going to do with my kids. Cannabis is the main ingredient that makes everything else possible. He’s the man that I married. He um is probably a better man than I married. Gives me ambition to exercise to live healthy. To me the Wellness Connection is sanctuary. They knew that this was my first time and you know, they knew that no it
was all about so they were just open comforting willing to get my questions answered. Within a few
months the gains that we had made in our family were unbelievable. I don’t think that I could even
describe the way that our life was previously the way that it is now. Using medical marijuana and
going to the Wellness Connection has definitely saved our marriage, our family, our entire entity.

GarretWellness Connection of Maine Member Since 2012